SUBWAY® SUBCARD® UK & Ireland Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Subway® Subsquad™: Discover Subjammin’

At Subway® stores, our Subs are delicious masterpieces. So much so, they are made by what we proudly call Sandwich Artists™. Once a year, they gather to compete on who can create a work...

Subway® Subsquad™: Discover brand new sports

At Subway® stores, we are always looking for new flavour combinations to keep your taste buds entertained. So we asked our Subsquad™ to discover a new sport that would do the very same....

Subway® Subsquad™: Discover The Subsquad™

We are no stranger to selecting delicious combos to fill our Subs. So, why stop there? Here's The Subway® Subsquad™! Four internet stars we've chosen to step out into the world and discover...

How To Register Your Sub Card

A short tutorial on how to register your subcard.

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